"There is life in Seward’s music, a humanity that most bands find near-impossible to weave into their music. Sesame, for example, is gorgeous – truly gorgeous – when it allows itself to momentarily blossom; if, of course, you have wholeheartedly bought into the song. Seward are boldly serious in an age of wimpy irony: they mean it, and are not afraid of holding this honesty up for their audience. They tease their audiences’ understanding of their intent, slathering terrifically complex, often fun, often simply abstract, songs over the top of their honesty. There are many bands who approach music like Seward do. They are all, without exception, shit. They are all indulgent, self-centred, and unkind to their audience. Seward are the exact opposite: their timing is perfect, their noises are specific and considered, and their purpose may not be defined, but it is rational. The band is lost in the beauty of noise-making, and the path it beats into human consciousness”. Joe Sparrow for A New Band A Day.

"Because popular music, Seward ain’t. Like a chorus of Catherine wheels set loose in a musical thrift shop, this Spanish five-some may look like a band of antique dealers, but carry an incredibly ability to veer from tender intimacy to swashbuckling romp within eight bar passages – blending intelligence, theatricality and grandiose eloquence in a package that defines why alternative art can be so thrilling. People write manifestos proclaiming themselves as alternative visionaries, but achieve nothing close to the unpredictable, eccentrically cohesive whole that Seward whip up, which contains as much for the informed insider as it does the engrossed newbie. Quietly free of self-consciousness or modern distribution (we had to beg them just to put a song on Soundcloud), Seward’s sound hints at the kind of bonkers storm”.  Line Of Best Fit.

"Barcelona-borne Seward return for the 2nd release and they have grown in stature and confidence. They beauty of the music here is a restless almost experimental approach to the music, with jerky rhythms and audacious guitar work playing a game of chicken with the soaring, anthemic vocals. It makes for an incessantly feel-good, life-affirming mix that doesn't sit in any ready-made pigeonholes. It might be hard to imagine a 90s american deconstructionist rock band (think U.S. Maple or June of '44) fronted by a bone-fide emotional firecracker vocalist on the edge of heartbreak and revelation.. but that is the curious space Seward have made their own". Rough Trade Record Shop.

"Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band sprung to mind as did Tom Waits then the passion of American Music Club’s Mark Eitzel but there was a humour here too; the band smiling at their own strange twists and turns. Jazz, rock’n’roll, folk picking, punk gang vocals and chain gang hollers colliding with singer songwriter nakedness then floating off on Godspeed style sonic journeys. My favourite band. We need to demand them to come back as they are amazing live, really amazing". John Kennedy for Rockfeedback & XFM. .

"They’re just a wee bit fuckin’ mental…", comments a Scottish acquaintance well known for deranged and excessive behaviour at gigs (though recently off the booze) after two songs. Bloody hell, if he thinks they’re mental… Mind you, the singer has just stood up and, off-mic, given him (just him) a pseudo-religious blessing. As you do. There are samples of spooky childrens’ voices, hard tribal drums, strings of bells, a gong and some thoroughly out-there avant-folk-free-jazz songs built around the seated singer / banjo player’s free-range operatic howls. There are wild trips like Captain Beefheart having a party in a Mediterranean olive grove. It’s at once impenetrably strange and so feel-good you’re compelled to stamp along. At the end, the odd bow-tied quartet stand and the applause continues until they’ve actually left the room. Outstanding". Louder Than War..





19-20 January . Ibiza/Mallorca .

16th, 17th, 18th February . Reconstructing Jesus Christ Superstar w/ Jordi Oriol . L'Auditori . Barcelona

5th March . La Cabrera . Madrid

15th March . El Pumarejo . Barcelona

13th April . Primavera als Barris . Sant Boi . Barcelona

11th May . Primavera als Barris . Sant Boi . Barcelona

27th May . Festival Embarrat . Tárrega

31st May . FGO Barbara . Paris

9th June . Barcelona Creative Commons Film Festival w/ Javier Gallego Crudo . Barcelona

16th June . Festival Vociferio w/ Javier Gallego Crudo . Valencia

27th June . Artte . Barcelona

29th June . Muerte Festival . Sitges

18th July . Madrid . TBA

27th July . Festival FMM Sines . Portugal

31st August . Albacete . TBA

8th September . Murcia . TBA

11th October . L'Automàtica w/ Bonafide Rojas . Barcelona

13th October . Nit de Totes . Hosted by Seward with Nuu, Balago, Bonafide Rojas & The Mona Passage, Marina Herlop, Carles Viarnès & Narcoléptica . Konvent Puntzero . Berga

20th October . Keroxen . Tenerife

1st November . Crossing Border . The Hague

14th December . Spy Music Club . Barcelona




17th Dec - 6th Jan . Antigua i Barbuda BSO . Plaza Cataluña . 6 Shows a Day . Barcelona

10th January . Tribute to Bowie . Razzmatazz . Barcelona . [Seward Octet performing Blackstar]

28th January . El Pumarejo . Barcelona . [Noisy, If Possible]

1st February . L'Antic Theatre w/ poet Javier Gallego (Carne Cruda) & Los Voluble - McNulty Prod. . Barcelona

2nd - 5th February . London . TBA . [All & All & All]

24th February . Parc Sandaru . Barcelona . [Gentle]

21st April . #4Raons . La Capsa . El Prat del Llobregat . [Gentle]

28th - 30th April . Palo Market Fest . Fabra i Coats . Barcelona . [All & All & All]

14th May . Hiroshima . Barcelona . [Noisy, If Possible]

25th May . w/ 42 Djs Found in Seward, Foehn. Depósito Legal . L'Hospitalet del Llobregat . [Quiet, If Possible]

27th May . Auditori de l'Ateneu . Banyoles . [Gentle]

28th May . Poetry Festival w/ poet Javier Gallego (Carne Cruda) . Madrid

9th June . Sala Maravillas . Madrid

10th June . Konvent Puntzero . Berga

5th July . La Bisbal

6th July . w/ John Davis & The Cicadas . Robadors . Barcelona

7th July . w/ John Davis & The Cicadas . Konvent Puntzero . Berga

8th July . Fest Arbouse Records . Sales-la-sourse . France

15th July . Exploding Plastic Fest . Barcelona

10th August . Festival Noroeste . La Coruña

13th September . Jazz Off Festival . Colmar . France

15th September . Petit Bain . Sourdoreille Party . Paris . France

20th October . Centro Cívico Albareda . Barcelona

28th October . El Grito En El Cielo = Seward + Javier Gallego Crudo . Periferias . Huesca . [Música y Poesía]

18th November . El Grito En El Cielo = Seward + Javier Gallego Crudo . Ateneu 9Barris . Barcelona . [Música y Poesía]

24th November . Seward + Ainara Legardon . Begood . Barcelona . [Música]

30th November . Seward + Adriana Vila y Luis Macías . Fabra i Coats . Barcelona . [Música y Cine Experimental]

25th - 30th December . #WePreferTo Release Parties w/ Za, Os Meus Shorts, Duot, Crudo, Ylia Beat, Pol Batlle, Marina Herlop, Marcel Bagés . El Pumarejo . Barcelona




18th February . Seward + Cráter Labs . Zumzeig Cinema . Barcelona

27th February . Hot Blues . Igualada

19th March . Downtown Market . Barcelona

11th May . Naim Records Release Show . St. Pancras Old Church . London 

28th May . Poetry Festival . Madrid

3th June . Microclima Sound. Ultra Local Records . Barcelona

9th June . 7 Gigs in One Day . Barcelona

10th June . Foehn Records Party . Barcelona

2nd July . Mortfort Festival . Curated by Seward . Girona

30th September . Mercat de les Flors with Antigua i Barbuda . Barcelona

18th October . Petit Halle . Paris

19th October . Balades Sonores . Paris

21st October . Begood Curated by Heliogàbal . Barcelona

29th October . 15th Foehn Records Anniversary . Barcelona

24th November . Antigua i Barbuda BSO . Christmas City Lights Opening . Barcelona

23th December . Cronopios . Barcelona . [Kind of Silent]



1st & 2nd January . Círcol Maldà . Barcelona

11th June . SON Estrella Galicia . Teatro del Arte . Madrid

13th June . Caprichos de Apolo . Sala Apolo . Barcelona

10th July . Festival Cruilla . Barcelona

11th July . Pohoda Festival . Svätý Jur

12th July . Art Café . Banská Štiavnica

13th July . Gorila Urban Space . Bratislava

31st July - 1st August . Beseda U Bigbitu Festival . Tazov

21st August . Dan's Silverleaf . Denton

22th August . Live Oak . Fort Worth

30th September . IFF Conference . Camden Proud . London

1st October . Macbeth . London

16th October . Jazzhouse Wochenende #2 . Hamburg

8th November . Nova Jazz Cava . Terrassa

14th November . Alternativa Festival . Prague



15th January . Paradiso . Amsterdam

17th January . Eurosonic . Upstairs at De Spieghel . Groningen

1st March . Mil.lenni Festival . Auditori . Barcelona

13th March . Ciclo MUD . Lleida

21st May . Vida Festival . Barcelona

10-12th July . Exit Festival . Novi Sad

10-12th July . Pohoda Festival . Svätý Jur

17th July . Arezzo Wave Festival . Arezzo

11-18th August . Sziget Festival . Budapest

21st September . BAM Festival . Barcelona

1st November . Hot Blues . Igualada

12th November . TBA . London

13th November . The Barfly . London

29th November . Café Berlín . Madrid



12th January . BandAutors . Petit Palau . Palau de la Música . Barcelona

8th March . Auditori . Girona 

14th -17th March . Vive Latino . DF . México

21st March . Film Club Café . Naucalpan . México

22th May . This Is Not A Love Song . Primavera Sound. Barcelona

20th July . Petit Festival . Burg

8th August . Can Rin . Cabrils

13th September . MMVV - Mercat de Música Viva . Vic

31st October . Live Sessions Day Festival . Lleida

10th November . Jazz Cava . Terrassa

19th November . BIME Festival . Bilbao

23th November . Café Berlin . Madrid

14th December . w/ Za! . Razzmatazz . Barcelona



16th March . SXSW . Austin

24th March . Canadian Music Week . Toronto 

9th May . Breakout in assoc with Music Week . Proud Galleries . Camden . London

10th May . The Windmill . Brixton . London

11th May . Prince Albert . The Great Escape . 2pm and 9.15pm . Brighton

24th May . Razzmatazz . Barcelona 

23rd September . BAM Festival . Plaza Real . Barcelona

8th October . De Prop . La Pedrera . Barcelona

16th October . Momo . 9pm . 25 Heddon St W1B 4BH . London

17th October . XFM X-Posure . Barfly . London

18th October . The Windmill . Brixton